Premature ejaculation (or PE) is one of the most widespread male sexual problems. According to the results of medical studies, it affects about 40% of men. So, having a clear idea of the nature of this disorder and the available solutions is a must for every man.

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the condition, when a man reaches an orgasm or a climax sooner than he wants to. Since the desirable duration of the sexual intercourse can vary, it may be difficult to determine, which figure to consider to be normal. But, if a man is regularly unsatisfied with the duration of sex, that is the problem, which requires taking some steps.

The majority of physicians use the following symptoms to diagnose PE:

  • a man frequently ejaculates within a minimal (from 30 seconds to 1 minute) period after penetration;
  • a patient experiences difficulties in controlling and preventing ejaculations during sexual intercourse and other sexual activities;
  • because of the problems specified in the previous points, a man feels anxious, depressed or unsatisfied with his sexual performance and, as a result, avoids sexual contacts.

Certainly, many healthy men experience problems with controlling ejaculations from time to time, and that is normal. However, if a man notices the symptoms above on a frequent basis, it is highly advisable to turn to a doctor without any delays.

PE can seriously affect the quality of the sexual life of both partners and cause anxiety, stress, depression, as well as relationship problems. In addition, that condition can lead to problems with conception.

What Are the Causes of Premature Ejaculation?

According to the medical researches, premature ejaculation is rarely related to physical health. On the contrary, in most cases, this problem has the emotional or psychological nature.

Here are some of the possible psychological reasons for PE:

  • Performance anxiety. When a man is not so confident of his skills and tries too hard to please the partner, that may result in PE.
  • A new relationship. Sometimes a man may feel so excited at the beginning of a new relationship that it is difficult for him to control ejaculations. In many cases, over some time, that problem goes away without any treatment.
  • Relationship problems. Sure, any conflicts can make a negative impact on the sexual life.
  • Depression, stress and other psychological problems. If a man cannot relax and enjoy sexual intercourse to the full, it may lead to varied sexual disorders.

As for the reasons of physiological nature, one should mention the following factors:

  • increased sensibility of the penis;
  • problems with the prostate;
  • problems with the thyroid;
  • drug abuse.

However, one should acknowledge that, as of now, specialists have not arrived at a common view on the reasons of PE yet.

How Is Premature Ejaculation Treated?

Naturally, when a man comes to a doctor, the specialist starts with determining the reasons for PE. In case it turns out that the disorder is caused by some relationship or psychological problems, a man is recommended to turn to a psychologist. Sure, if there are any relationship problems, the best variant is the pair therapy.

Speaking about the drug treatment of PE, the most widely used medicine is oral pills named Priligy. This product is an SSRI (a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), which contains dapoxetine as an active ingredient. This medication makes natural serotonin, which is responsible for transmitting signals between nerve cells, more active, and that enables a man to get better control over ejaculations. As a result, a man can choose when to ejaculate and can postpone an orgasm if needed.

As for the use of this medicine, one should take a pill only on those days, when one plans to have sex. It is recommended taking it about an hour prior to sexual intercourse, the drug needs some time to start working. The effect of this medicine lasts about 2–3 hours on average, so, one can have sex several times during its action period. As for the dosage, in most cases, doctors prescribe 30 mg pills for a start. Another version available is 60 mg pills.

But one should note that this drug has been approved for treating PE only in a few countries so far. Consequently, it may be difficult or even impossible for a customer to buy it at a local drugstore. Fortunately, today, one can order medications online as well. If you need Priligy or any other medication for treating any disease or disorder, visit My Canadian Pharmacy. There, you will find hundreds of medicines and healthcare products for solving varied problems at the prices that are much lower than at local drugstores in your neighborhood. In addition, you will be provided with ultimate customer support, free online consultations with qualified pharmacists, as well as worldwide shipping within a short term and at an attractive price.

As for other medications for treating PE, in some cases, doctors recommend using anaesthetic creams or other topical products containing lidocaine or prilocaine, which decrease the sensibility of the penis and, as a result, postpone an ejaculation. But those remedies can be safely used for a short period only, otherwise they may cause numbness, which will prevent a man from getting a proper erection. Also, the reduced sensation of the penis may make a negative impact on the quality of sex.

To sum up, PE is the condition, which can be effectively treated, regardless of its stage or nature. Everything one needs to do in order to solve the problem and to normalize the sexual life is to turn to a doctor and to strictly follow his recommendations.