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Canadian Health&Care Mall: An Established Drug Retailer With Benefits

Canadian Health&Care Mall, a synonym to reliability, trustworthiness, affordability and innovative services, has been around since the beginning of the century. During the years of its existence, the pharmacy has been able to address the health issues in thousand hundreds of customers from more than 100 countries of the world.

Who we are: our brand

The name of our brand is firmly associated with the best providers of generic drugs online. Our pharmacy is a unique brand specializing in making healthcare products affordable while providing patient support with information, news and complementary services that add value to the shopping experience. You can say that we bring together world’s best quality and lowest prices for medications against a large number of health conditions. Our company carries out a thorough analysis of the offer in the field of quality pharmaceuticals, and among the companies / manufacturers whose quality of production we find excellent, we choose the ones who are ready to negotiate their prices until those meet our standards, too. This is how we hand-pick offers that you later see presented at our website as the most competitive in the branch, and this is how we create this atmosphere of reliable quality and accessible pricing.

Advantages of buying drugs at Canadian Health and Care Mall

As a result of our well coordinated actions at the pharmacy headquarters, our customers get access to drugs that are both efficient and affordable. Here is a very incomplete list of the benefits you get to enjoy when getting your drugs at our HealthCare Store, but it will give you a general idea of what we are about:
  • Proven quality
  • Carefully selected offers for Internet’s best drugs
  • Generic pills with the quality of the originals
  • 4 bonus pills included with every order
  • Focus on men’s health pills: widest range, best prices
  • Exhaustive informational support
  • Diversified shipping offers
  • Free shipping offers
  • Personal assistance during shopping
  • Regular discounts
  • Coupons & discount codes for subscribers
  • Individual discounts up to 30% off
The drugstore delivers worldwide, but for the reasons of logistic efficacy, the tasks are distributed between the US and Canada offices depending on where orders are placed from. Canadian Health&Care Mall head office takes out orders placed from Canada and runs other essential services for customers domestically.

Canadian Health Care Mall – the pharmacy of the future

When you actually partake of that shopping experience with our company, you will certainly discover that we have much more than that to offer. Different customers point out different additional values to our service: for some it may be highly intuitive arrangement of our interface, for others it is the smoothly operated process of ordering. We are always open to your feedback, suggestions and overall experiences shared with us in whichever way you find convenient. The world of healthcare is steadily moving towards creating a more ergonomic and efficient space for receiving services related to health matters. Canadian Health&Care Mall is in the avant-garde of this movement, connecting patients with qualified pharmacy technicians and licensed healthcare specialists, doctors and therapists who are entitled to give preliminary estimation of health condition prior to an actual visit to a professional provider of healthcare services at your local office. In the virtual cabinet at Canadian Health Care Pharmacy, everything is arranged to be a functional and efficient patient space where customers can monitor their actual orders, as well as their ordering history, to have an opportunity to get a refill in a fast and simple way. Discount coupons are there at the fingertips, too, whenever you need to redeem them. Customer support is always within a couple of clicks, to answer all of your questions, hear out suggestions and satisfy the quires for individual discount.

Safety of shopping, security of personal data

At our pharmacy, you only experience safe payment and personal data protection of the highest power. To achieve this, we use a number of tried and true tools: the famous https: // and SSL protocol. This protocol certifies data encryption and authentication of the owner of the website. It must appear during a transaction on a merchant site and indicates that the payment is secure. Since it is not easy to obtain, it is a very good sign of reliability of the site thanks to a certificate issued by an independent trust entity. Never make a payment on a page that does not use this protocol, otherwise you will be exposed to fraudulent use of your card.

The secure payment service allows you to carry out simple and secure transactions for your exchanges between individuals directly from your email. You agree on the price and the terms and conditions (choice of the delivery method, the support and the amount of the shipping costs, the choice of the carrier, the mode of sending: follow-up or recommended). The pharmacy provides information about his identity and sends a promise of sale to the buyer. It indicates the terms of the transaction (decided jointly with the buyer). The buyer validates the promise and proceeds to the payment online: the money is stored in a secure way by our partner of payment the time of the finalization of the transaction.

Should you have any further questions as for other solution proposed, contact the sales / customer service. It is ideal to check that a natural person can accompany you before, during and after the sale.

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