Yo-yo dieting may improve metabolism and lifespan

Ohio.edu – Yo-yo dieters may be healthier and live longer than those who stay obese, according to a new Ohio University animal study. Mice that switched between a high-fat and low-fat diet every four weeks during their approximate two-year lifespan lived about 25 percent longer and had better blood glucose levels than obese animals that […]

Weight loss diet can include potatoes

PotatoGoodness.com – People can include potatoes in their diet and still lose weight, according to research just released by the University of California, Davis and the National Center for Food Safety and Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology.  This research was presented at the Obesity Society’s 28th Annual Scientific Meeting October 8-12, 2010. The study sought to gain a […]

Nonprofit weight loss program successful

UCDenver.edu – In the battle against obesity, new research has found that it may not be necessary to spend a lot on a weight loss program when cheaper, nonprofit alternatives may work just as well. Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus found those who spent three years in the nonprofit Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) program lost five […]

Low-carb diet beats low fat for weight loss in insulin-resistant women

Endo-society.org – Obese women with insulin resistance lose more weight after three months on a low-carbohydrate diet than on a traditional low-fat diet with the same number of calories, according to a new study. “The typical diet that physicians recommend for weight loss is a low-fat diet,” said the study’s lead author, Raymond Plodkowski, MD, chief of endocrinology, nutrition […]

Sleep loss lowers fat loss when dieting

UCHospitals.edu – Cutting back on sleep or losing sleep reduces the benefits of dieting, according to a study published October 5, 2010 in the Annals of Internal Medicine. When dieters in the study got a full night’s sleep, they lost the same amount of weight as when they slept less. When dieters got adequate sleep, however, more than half […]

Lifestyle program improves weight loss, cardiovascular health in diabetics

NIH.gov – An intensive lifestyle intervention program designed to achieve and maintain weight loss improves diabetes control and cardiovascular disease risk factors in overweight and obese individuals with type 2 diabetes, according to four-year results of the Look AHEAD study, funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The results are published in […]

Weight training helps maintain metabolic health after weight loss

Missouri.edu – Although obesity is a major risk factor for disease, much of the threat may be associated with the metabolic (or cardiometabolic) syndrome, a cluster of risk factors related to diabetes and heart disease. Losing weight can improve health and reduce many of these risk factors. However, many people struggle to keep the weight […]

Twelve tips for maintaining diet, weight on vacation

Are you making progress with your diet and nutrition, but concerned because you’re going on vacation soon? On vacation, you’ll likely find yourself eating out three times a day for a week or more, so you need to find ways to work healthy choices into your trip. Elizabeth Schaub, R.D., dietitian at Baylor Regional Medical […]

VISA with double D gene kills pancreatic cancer

New investigational gene therapy strategy very successful against human pancreatic cancer in animal model. A molecularly engineered gene therapy selectively embeds a cancer-killing gene in pancreatic cancer that shrinks or eradicates tumors, inhibits metastasis, and prolongs survival with virtually no toxicity, researchers from The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center report in the […]