Dose daily aspirin at bedtime for blood pressure benefit

Data unveiled today at the American Society of Hypertension’s 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting (ASH 2008) revealed for the first time that people with prehypertension who are treated with aspirin may experience significant reductions in blood pressure – but only if they take the pill before bedtime, and not when they wake up in the morning. […]

Too much water can cause seizures in infants

It’s a recurrent summer-time scenario in the pediatric emergency room and doctors from Johns Hopkins Children’s are sounding the alarm about it: An otherwise healthy infant is brought in by panicked parents after suffering a seizure, which turns out to be caused by drinking too much water. Pediatricians at Hopkins Children’s see at least three […]

Green tea polyphenols counteract neurotoxic effects of sleep apnea

Researchers examined the effects of green tea polyphenols (GTP), administered through drinking water, on rats who were intermittently deprived of oxygen during 12-hour “night” cycles, mimicking the intermittent hypoxia (IH) that humans with obstructive sleep apnea experience. People with obstructive sleep apnea have been reported to have increased markers of oxidative stress and exhibit architectural […]

30 minutes of good music daily lowers blood pressure

Listening to just 30 minutes of rhythmically homogeneous music every day may significantly reduce high blood pressure, according to researchers at the American Society of Hypertension’s 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting (ASH 2008). In the first study to examine the antihypertensive effect of music listening on ambulatory blood pressure (ABP), today’s findings reveal that patients with […]

Vitamin D and calcium decrease breast cancer risk before menopause

JAMA-Archives – Younger women whose diets have higher amounts of calcium and vitamin D may have less risk of developing pre-menopausal breast cancer, according to a report in the May 28, 2007 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine. Data from animal studies have linked calcium and vitamin D to breast cancer prevention, however, until now […]

Organic Milk Much Higher in Omega 3 Fatty Acids than Conventional Milk

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has today received a letter from 14 top scientists, asking the organisation to recognise the mounting body of evidence that organic milk naturally contains higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids than non-organic milk. The letter, sparked by the publication of ground breaking new research and sent to Dame Deidre […]