Functional Foods Archive – Soluble fibers found in plantain, a type of large banana, could be used to treat patients with Crohn’s disease, according to scientists at the University of Liverpool. Crohn’s disease is a condition that affects one in 800 people in the UK and causes chronic intestinal inflammation, leading to pain, bleeding and diarrhea.┬á Researchers […] – Select varieties of sorghum bran have greater antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties than well-known foods such as blueberries and pomegranates, according to a new study from the University of Georgia. Researchers measured polyphenolic compounds, which naturally occur in plants to help fight against pests and disease, and found that the black and sumac varieties […] – Certain phytochemicals naturally found in strawberries may come to have a role in fighting leukemia or other cancers, according to the work of molecular biologist Susan J. Zunino. Her tests with lab-cultured cells of a cancer known as acute lymphoblastic leukemia have provided additional evidence that three compounds occurring naturally in strawberries – […] – The probiotic yogurt-like drink DanActive┬« reduced the rate of common illnesses such as ear infections, sinusitis, the flu and diarrhea in daycare children, say researchers who studied the drink in the largest known probiotic clinical trial to be conducted in the United States. An additional finding, however, showed no reduction in the number […]

Brown rice, or half-milled rice, may offer protection from high blood pressure and atherosclerosis (“hardening of the arteries”), say researchers at the Cardiovascular Research Center and Department of Physiology at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. New research by Satoru Eguchi, Associate Professor of Physiology, suggests that a component in a layer of tissue […]

Gastritis produced by acetyl-salicylic acid (ASA, aspirin) consumption is a common disorder worldwide. The use of probiotics has been proposed to ameliorate different gastrointestinal tract diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. However, little attention has been paid to the use of probiotics in gastric disease. The health-promoting effects ascribed to […]