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JAMA – Among women consuming a usual diet, physical activity was associated with less weight gain over 13 years only among women of normal weight, according to a study in the March 24/31, 2010 issue of JAMA. The researchers also found that women successful in maintaining normal weight averaged approximately 60 minutes a day of […] – In a large six-year review of emergency department (ED) data, researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston, in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, found that many children with severe food-related allergic reactions need a second dose of epinephrine, suggesting that patients carrying EpiPens should carry two doses instead of one. Since 1997, the number of […]

Women whose diets are rich in foods containing omega-3 fatty acids might be less likely to develop endometriosis, while those whose diets are heavily laden with trans fatty acids might be more likely to develop endometriosis, according to new research. The NIH-funded study – which is the largest to have investigated the link between diet […]

Treatment with beta-blockers can help reduce the spread of cancer in patients with breast tumors, according to a presentation at the seventh European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC7) in Barcelona (abstract 445). In a controlled study, Dr. Des Powe, a senior healthcare research scientist at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust, Nottingham, UK, and […]

Curcumin, one of the principal components of the Indian spice turmeric, seems to delay the liver damage that eventually causes cirrhosis, suggests preliminary experimental research in the journal Gut. Curcumin, which gives turmeric its bright yellow pigment, has long been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders. Previous research […] – Seaweed fiber could hold the key to tackling obesity after it was found it reduces fat absorption from the diet by more than 75 per cent, new research has shown. Now the team at Newcastle University are adding seaweed fiber to bread to see if they can develop foods that help you lose […]