Archive for September, 2008 –  Dyna-Vision®, a new and patented Bluetooth-connected telemedicine device, can increase patient comfort and reduce hospital and healthcare cost by greatly expanding the ability of doctors to monitor patients’s health status in real time. Dyna-Vision® is a small and portable device, with the dimensions of a mobile phone, that monitors up-to 10 clinical parameters […]

Are you an American Express cardholder? Do you want to help save children’s sight in India? ORBIS and “Kids for Sight” are asking for your help. ORBIS International is a major nonprofit organization, and Nyan and Lehka Pendyla, ages 9 and 7, launched a “Kids for Sight” initiative one year ago to help ORBIS establish […] – The majority of children vaccinated against hepatitis B are not at an increased risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS), according to a study to be published in the October 8, 2008 online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The study based in France involved 349 children with […] – Going green may be heart healthy if the green you choose is pistachio nuts, according to researchers at Penn State who conducted the first study to investigate how pistachios lower LDL cholesterol. “We investigated mechanisms of action to explain the cholesterol-lowering effects of the pistachio diets,” says Sarah K. Gebauer, recent Penn State […]

Do you know a workaholic, or are you becoming one? During tough financial times, many people try to demonstrate their value at work by working harder and longer. But, if you don’t also make time to take care of yourself, success may come at a hefty cost: your health. “Many people feel like they have […] – A case study focused on use of the Nintendo Wii for rehabilitation of a teen with cerebral palsy is believed to be the first published research showing the physical therapy benefits resulting from use of the wildly popular gaming system. “Use of a Low-Cost, Commercially Available Gaming Console (Wii) for Rehabilitation of an […]