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Long-term risk of invasive cancer persists after treatment for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 3. British Medical Journal – Women are still at risk of developing invasive cancer of the cervix or vagina 25 years after being treated for pre-cancerous lesions, according to a study published at Cancer experts are now calling for cytological smears […]

Medicinal clay also kills flesh-eating M. ulcerans, penicillin-resistant staph aureus, and E. coli. – French clay that kills several kinds of disease-causing bacteria is at the forefront of new research into age-old, nearly forgotten, but surprisingly potent cures. Among the malevolent bacteria that a French clay has been shown to fight is a “flesh-eating” […]

Newswise — Ever wonder why you are fatigued during the day when you thought you slept throughout the night? Why your spouse snores so much? Whether your sleep problems might be related to other health issues? Dr. Aparajitha Verma, neurologist with the Sleep Disorders Center at the Methodist Neurological Institute in Houston, Texas, answers these […]

Contrave acts on reward pathways in brain to reduce food intake that leads to weight loss. Orexigen™ Therapeutics, Inc. – The results of a preclinical study on the mechanism of action of the new weight loss drug Contrave™ was presented by Orixegen (OREX), a biopharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) […]

Newswise — Can select blood pressure medications slow or even block the onset of Alzheimer’s dementia? A new study has identified commonly prescribed drugs for the treatment of hypertension that may be capable of preventing Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive deterioration by preventing beta-amyloid production in the brain. The new research, published in the November 2007 […]

Natural antioxidant extract studied with NIH funding for joint health and prevention of arthritis. Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine – A natural product derived from the Amazon rainforest – Progado ® – is discussed by scientists in the prestigious Journal of Inflammation because of its unique health benefits. Progado’s effects on human body […]