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Diet fiber supplement FOS – fructooligosaccharide, or oligofructose – being studied for obesity reduction, also touted as good for health. An over-the-counter nutritional supplement that is already widely available may become a key factor in weight control in the future.  The all-natural probiotic fiber supplement FOS, or fructooligosaccharide (or oligofructose), is currently marketed as promoting […]

OSU – CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, is a supplement that some people use for weight loss. Two new animal studies, however, show that CLA may have some previously unknown, unhealthy side effects, but the issue is not resolved with regard to risk for people. Scientists studied how mice and rats reacted to the supplement […]

Healthy behavior from parents helps teenagers maintain healthier habits. Do adolescents get enough exercise and eat the right foods? Is there too much saturated fat in their diets? In a study published in the February 2007 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, researchers analyzed the behavior of almost 900 11-to-15 year-olds and found that […]

PRNewswire – When you get the flu in spite of your flu shot and your best health efforts, clinically proven Sambucol black elderberry extract may be one of the best means to shorten the length and reduce the severity of flu symptoms. Sambucol has data to support its claim of efficacy. In a clinical trial, flu patients receiving Sambucol […]

Center for the Advancement of Health – Despite recent national initiatives to encourage healthy eating habits, teens in middle adolescence are eating fewer fruits and vegetables than in 1999, a new study reveals. And the situation only worsens as teenagers get older. “Fruit and vegetable intake is important for the prevention of future chronic disease,” […]

When it comes to some of today’s health issues, 100 percent fruit and vegetable juices do help reduce risk factors related to certain diseases. This conclusion is the result of a European study designed to question traditional thinking that 100 percent juices play a less significant role in reducing risk for both cancer and cardiovascular […]