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Exercise when young may reduce risk of bone fractures in elderly. Indiana University — Running and jumping during childhood is more than child’s play; it provides lifelong benefits for future bone health and appears to reduce the risk of fractures later in life according to a Journal of Bone and Mineral Research study by Indiana […]

Dietary fatty acids linked to inflammation, metabolism, and diseases of aging. Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australia – “This study may help explain the link between dietary fat consumption and inflammation and could be one of the critical links between metabolism and immune responses,” says senior author Professor Charles Mackay, Director of Sydney’s Garvan Institute’s […]

Combined treatments more effective for crystal meth addiction New research into treatment for methamphetamine dependence suggests that offering methamphetamine abusers an incentive-based behavioral therapy program called contingency management (CM — also known as Motivational Incentives), along with psychosocial therapy is more effective than psychosocial therapy alone. The study was supported by the National Institute on […]

Buyer beware — All Hoodia is not alike. Posted below is an example of a press release by a supplier of Hoodia about another supplier’s Hoodia that illustrates just one of the problems that people encounter when trying to figure out whether to try this supplement or not. The main message is to beware of products that […]

A “laid back” 135 degree open seated posture causes least stress. Researchers are using a new form of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to show that sitting in an upright position places unnecessary strain on your back, leading to potentially chronic pain problems if you spend long hours sitting. The study, conducted at Woodend Hospital in […]

Medical College of Georgia – One-fourth of overweight children may have sleep problems that regular physical activity can largely resolve, researchers say. Research published in the November issue of Obesity shows a surprising 25 out of 100 overweight, inactive children tested positive for sleep-disordered breathing, including telltale snoring. The published research was funded by the […]